Milestone 4 TeamTrojans Empathy: DarkHorse Idea Have requesters endorse workers skills

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Problem Addressed : The theme addresses the problem of lack of empathy between workers and requesters and how it affects the professional work.

Idea that inspired this new idea : Idea of humanizing workers’ profiles influenced this idea.

Idea - Have requesters endorse workers skills

Creation of a proper worker profile and having requesters endorse worker skills gives a personal touch to the worker-requester relationship. Workers who have been consistently submitting good responses to a requester can be recommended to other requesters based on the quality of their submitted work. Recommendations or comments from a requester can be displayed on a worker’s profile.The requester can also endorse the worker’s particular skills or upvote their profiles. Other requesters can leverage these upvotes and endorsements to trust a worker and be certain that the worker possesses the required skill set. This approach also helps workers remain loyal to requesters and improve the quality of submitted responses.