Milestone 4 TeamTrojans Empathy: Forum For Requesters

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Problem Addressed : The theme addresses the problem of lack of empathy between workers and requesters and how it affects the professional work.

Idea that inspired this new idea : Inspiration for this idea is derived from a post on Reddit forum where a novice requester seeks workers’ help to design the task appropriately and putting up an easy to understand description.

Idea - Forum For Requesters

It is also important to address the concerns of requesters and put them at ease. It is important to help them achieve their goals faster and in a pleasant manner. Understanding a worker’s needs and concerns is the key to obtain a good number of significant responses rapidly. It becomes important for requesters to post tasks that become potential candidates to generate a large number of responses. The best way to achieve this is to approach the workers themselves and take inputs while designing tasks. There can be forums where requesters approach workers and take their inputs. This approach can also benefit other requesters while designing tasks and may eventually help in developing empathy between the two. It may also help requesters in getting more HITS as the workers who helped in designing a particular task will also be interested in working on it.