Milestone 4 Team Innovation 2 Empathy: Contests to bring together workers and requesters

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Everyone loves to win!

Competing together in a fun event can help people understand and empathize with each other.

Our idea, something of a dark horse, is to hold regular contests on the site, with interesting themes and prizes.

A group of workers could hold a contest for the most entertaining task design. A requester could hold a contest to see who can complete a certain task the most creatively. At least one round of voting could be open to all site users, to help users get more familiar with one another. The winner's prize might be something like a special profile badge or title, a gift card, or something work-related like a featured position in the search listings for a limited period of time. Contests could have themes relating to seasons, holidays, hobbies, TV shows, or anything the host thinks will draw entries.

Problems addressed by this idea

  • humanization of workers and requesters
  • positive feelings about the site and about other users
  • incentive to return to the site regularly
  • empowerment of users to assess other users

How this idea solves problems

Contests humanize workers and requesters by showing they're real people with visible goals and personalities. Competition helps the site users get to know one another, and gives them a positive association with each other and the site. When public voting is used, it empowers users to feel that their opinions matter.


Contests need to really be fun, or have interesting prizes, to attract participants. Hosting a contest or participating in it takes up time that could otherwise be used to make money. Only a limited number of contests can be held within a given time period to keep things organized and exciting.

Idea inspired by

The various ideas that touch on gamifying crowdsourced work.