Milestone 4 Team Innovation 2 Reputation: Online skill tests to prove qualifications

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Just the facts, please

A good rating system is based on concrete information! So why not design skill tests to assess qualities that are valuable in the crowdsourcing world?

Workers can be tested for skills like proofreading or transcription, and requesters can be tested for skills like user-friendly task design. Scores on the skill tests can be displayed on public profiles and used as search criteria by other users of the site.

Problems addressed by this idea

  • accuracy and fairness of skill rating

How this idea solves problems

A skill test provides a standard of quality that everyone can understand, and allows users to prove concretely that they have a skill.


Skill tests must be designed well to truly assess skill levels. Not all skills are easy to test. Users should probably be able to re-take a test to improve their score.

Idea inspired by

Frequent mention of skill ratings in most of the reputation ideas, but not very many details on how these skills are assessed.