Milestone 4 Triple Clicks Results: Task Quality Checks as Gateways for Content Access or Virtual Rewards

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How do you quickly and easily verify tasks without adding costs?


Are You a Human? (CAPTCHA alternative), mobile ads, mobile advergaming (Kiip), Tweet to gain access to content


Outsourcing completed task verification to remove burden on workers and requesters. To make it easier do quality checks during surge or high demand periods, it may be interesting to investigate the use of “mini-games” to get HITs out to the general public. Since a cited motivation for doing HITs is to kill time and to have fun, inserting checks for quality into websites, mobile sites, mobile apps/games might be a way to take snippets of completed tasks and have a human “player” validate a task (as you would use a CAPTCHA) in return for access to digital content (like an article), in-game rewards, etc. Similarly, for workers already on the platform, external quality checks would mean more monetary reward retained for their HITs completed as external verification would mean that the requestor does not need to redirect existing budget for task funds to potentially redundant checks for quality (from a time / effort perspective). In the case that workers would like to take on quality checks, they could gain additional financial incentive or unlock other rewards of their choosing in return for their work.


  • Getting on the systems where there is already a Captcha (Business partnership limitations)
  • Determining the level of complexity of a task and how can it be broken down for someone without context for the task, i.e. the user wanting to simply complete a verification check.
  • Privacy issues. Are there HITs that requesters might not want users outside of the platform to view?