Milestone 4 TuringMachine: Feedback Mechanism with Motivation Leading to Better Results

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Influence and Related work

The paper Shepherding the crowd yields better work, Dow 2012 proposed an idea of Rubric that can be helpful for quality measurement. The paper highlights that lack of skills, misunderstanding, and irresponsible behaviors are main causes of low quality submissions.


The past research has shown various techniques can be used to increase the quality of work. Figure below highlights the some of these techniques. In What makes things fun to learn? Study of Intrinsically motivating computer games, professor Malone discusses the effect of Challenge, Fantasy, and Curiosity on the learning process. We propose review system supported by Gamification & Visualization of the Real Time Task Progress to increase competition, motivation, and incentives.


Iterative Review Process

  • Select Expert Workers using automated algorithms
  • Select supervisors from set of Expert Workers
  • Figure 3.0 highlights the detailed review process


The task flow

  • Figure 3.1 shows the task claimed by 6 workers. This number can be larger and the idea can still hold

Feedback & Gamification