Milestone 4 UWI Empathy: User Profile

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In this personal profile, we improved our former trust idea of profile and combined the themes of empathy and reputation together. This profile includes real name, photo, his/her location, his/her networking testimonials, working experience, skills, levels and achievement, which provides humanized information of a person, offers the path to meet this person in real the world and proves the reputation and skills of a worker.


Name & Photo: this profile encourages a user to provide a photo and a username. The user doesn’t have to upload his/her real photo and provide a real name. But we encourage the user to do so by providing him/her with points. Whether the photo and name are real or not, this information would show real life personal interests, which will enable others to get to know this person better.

Location & Event Attended: this provides the location of the person. By clicking on the location the website will lead people to the “Meeting” section where the workers and requesters in this location organize in-person meetings. In the “Event Attended”, people can see the events this person has attended in this location.

Follower & Following: workers and requesters can follow each other and build relationships with each other. Requesters can invite the workers they follow to do their tasks. Workers can set notification for the new tasks from the requesters they follow.

Empathy and Reputation:

Testimonials: workers and requesters can leave reviews to each other if they have worked together before. In order to encourage people to leave reviews, a point will be given if they leave one review. In addition, the system only provides a “like” option for people if they really like others’ work but doesn’t provide a “dislike” button because we don’t want the workers and requesters to build bad relationships with each other. Other workers can learn about this person from others’ testimonials. Moreover, workers can leave reviews for every hit they have done and requesters and other workers can reply to these reviews. See Milestone 3 UWI TrustIdea 2: HIT and Reviews.

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