Milestone 4 UWI Reputation: User Profile

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Experience & Task History: The experience shows how long this person has worked on the platform and task history shows how active this person is. In the worker profile, stars will be added to those tasks that requesters invite workers to finish.

Rank and Points: the point system is shown on the right of the image. The points represent the reputation and working ability of this person. Once a worker has enough points, his/her rank will upgraded and he/she can access higher-level tasks. Workers in each rank can only access the task created by the requesters in the same or lower levels. If a requester has enough points, he/she can create more complex tasks. Entry-level requesters have to create test tasks for their tasks. The entry-level workers have to do then perform these test tasks. Test tasks will provide requesters and workers more points as well as prove their skills and abilities. For workers who are at a higher level and want to do entry-level tasks, they can choose to do test tasks or not. In addition to the hits list, the requesters name for the hits will be in different colors, representing different levels.

Achievement & Leaderboard: The rank shows the quality of one’s work and the achievement shows the quantity. Workers can get achievements when they have finished a certain number of tasks and requesters will get achievements when they have created a certain number of tasks. The system also provide leaderboards for each week, each month and each season; the top workers and requesters who get the highest points in a week, a month or a season will be on the leaderboards. People will also get achievements if they are on the leaderboards for a certain number of times.

Skill: in the skill section, not only the person can a add skill tag for himself/herself and the requesters can add tags of the skills that this worker exhibited while completing their tasks. Requesters can also vouch for worker’s skills to prove that a worker has a particular skill. So it’s more convincing than just allowing workers to add their skills for themselves.

Empathy and Reputation:

Testimonials: workers and requesters can leave reviews to each other if they have worked together before. In order to encourage people to leave reviews, a point will be given if they leave one review. In addition, the system only provides a “like” option for people if they really like others’ work but doesn’t provide a “dislike” button because we don’t want the workers and requesters to build bad relationships with each other. Other workers can learn about this person from others’ testimonials. Moreover, workers can leave reviews for every hit they have done and requesters and other workers can reply to these reviews. See Milestone 3 UWI TrustIdea 2: HIT and Reviews