Milestone 4 UWI Task Clarity: Template

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In this template, we intend to provide workers with clear indications on the type of HITs they can create. This will be done using clear buttons with all types of tasks posted as front and center. Using these buttons, workers will have the choice to choose between the same 9 types of tasks as currently presented on Amazon mturk.

Once the requester enters any of these types of tasks, he/she will be presented with templates for each of these task types. A maximum of 10 templates will be available for requesters to choose from. These templates will be very similar to each other in that the workers will not have trouble finding anything. This will allow workers to use different templates that suit their task type. These templates will also be minutely adjustable. That means that requesters will be able to change the font sizes, image sizes and move things around to suit their task type.

Hit Template.PNG