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Design Axes for 3 Themes

For each of the three themes you've chosen, talk with your team about:

  • What do these ideas tend to have in common?
  • How do these ideas tend to differ?

Use your insights from this conversation to generate design axes like we discussed in last week's meeting (see slide notes if you'd like). Write up a short paragraph (2-4 sentences) for each theme summarizing the similarities, differences, and axes inspired.




-build community in which better responses are given by workers.

-workers and requesters should think alike. Workers should know how to act like a requester and a requester must know how to act like a worker.

-monetary benefits can be obtained when more ways to understand what motivates workers are found.


- Bonus pool payment and surprise gifts. In the bonus pool payment, workers know about their bonus in advance to motivate and increase their quality of work. On the other hand, surprise gifts are rewarded to those who do a good job.

- acting vs. interacting: one way proposes workers and requesters to take on each other's tasks/roles, the other way proposes interaction between workers and requesters to better understand one another.



- rewards for good work/behavior

- more tasks available for those who have higher reputation

- reputation can be based on how long one takes to finish a task or how well they do it


- one allows the workers to rate themselves on a scale of 1-10

- workers are rated based on their experience

- workers are rated based on the skills they have

List of Ideas and the Theme they belong to

Provide them in whatever format you want - diagrams, sketches, table, or a combination.

Milestone 4 YourTeamName SomeThemeName: Description of your idea

Milestone 4 YourTeamName OtherThemeName: Description of your idea

Milestone 4 YourTeamName AnotherThemeName: Description of your idea

For each of the 3 ideas, describe (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination) the ideas in further detail.

Please create a separate wiki page for each of your ideas, so we can link to them individually. The title of the wiki page should be Milestone 4 followed by your team name and a description of the idea itself (ex: Milestone 4 YourTeamName Reputation: Leveling System for Workers Leading to Better Wages). Once done, post a link to each of your THEME-related ideas to following the instructions at Milestone 4#Submitting