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1. Take inspiration from ideas in Milestone 3

1.1 Similarity

Result , Resolution and Transparencies should go hand in hand.
* If we want high quality work then that should be done with lower dispute and wages should be given properly.
* If there is Crowd contractor for the review process then task can be done without disputes and higher quality can be assured and we will also know         
  whom to pay more and whom to less.
* If there is moderator to review the rejected work then again the process of dispute resolution will be put at ease and High quality will be                 
  achieved and we will know whom to pay and whom to not.
* At a time it may happen that Moderator may not give proper feedback so for that we can have Averaging of review means to ask more then one   moderator to review rejected task and as per the decision the Task should be marked as rejected or Accepted.
so this way working towards to have higher Quality output or Resolution of dispute or Payment Transparency we achieve each other in explicit or implicit way.

1.2 Differences

Resolution is something here which focus on getting whether the Rejection was genuine or not with the help of Moderator or by leveling down the worker.
Where as in Results they say that worker review other worker so here there is no third party involve to make the result high quality.

1.3 Axes Hci.jpg

2.Flare and focus: generate ideas for the themes

THEME 1 Resolution: How might we enable a fairer dispute resolution process and who's fault is it?

Problem: Here we are trying to resolute any fraud scheme or work posted by requester.

Report the Scammer work of requester posted 

Idea :

Here worker will notify that the work Assigned is to cheat or defraud. And to provide sufficient warning to other workers and after resolution approved by third party the task should be taken down and it should mark the requesters reputation. Here worker will have Tag Button clicked to tell that the Task is Fraud now to review whether it is actually Fraud the third party like moderator will be assigned to do the Review of rejected task. Whole process is explained in following Diagram. Idea with Diagram: Hci flowchart.PNG

THEME 2 Results: How might workers+requesters work together to produce higher-quality results?

Problem: Here we are trying to focus on Freshers and Experts to come out with Higher Quality Results

Freshers Vs Experts Task Pools for requesters 

Idea :

At a time Fresher in the Mturk is lost or does not have wide spectrum to grow, even thought he/she might have an amazing capability or skill set Therefore distinguish between the fresher and expert by providing different work assigning pool for the requester so that based on their preference and variation in the amount to be paid they can post the job request

Idea with Diagram

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THEME 3 Transparency: How might we make payment clear and transparent?

Task Price Standardization

Idea : here we focus on paying different wages to different tasks as per their labour or expertise required. How to decide which task takes more work to be done.