Milestone 4 pixelpals Resolution: Revaluation System

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Question/Problem Statement : How might we resolve possible disputes between workers and requesters in case of HIT rejection. Answer/Proposed Solution Our aim is not just to create a system that can resolve such disputes and conflicts efficiently but also develop a mechanism to reduce the frequency of such issues by increasing trust and transparency of the entire process.

A 7 Step Reevaluation System: Step 1 - Upon every rejection the requester has to send a compulsory fairly detailed description justifying his rejection. This is to possibly nip the problem in the butt by making it compulsory for the requesters to share their thinking about rejection. If the justification doesn't satisfy the worker then he can proceed towards officially sending a reevaluation request.

Step 2- A compulsory step before sending reevaluation request is to have a 1-1 discussion between worker and requester. A chat window is initiated between both where worker can raise his concern/issue and requester can try to explain his reasoning and solve his issues.

Step 3 The worker if still unsatisfied formally lodges a reevaluation request with the resolution committee. He has to fill an detailed reevaluation form that has a various questions that make it easy for the committee members to understand the workers mindset and the issue. A resolution committee is a 8 member committee consisting of 3 workers and 3 requester 1 moderator 1 possible area expert of the HIT in questions. Each committee member has 1 vote. A tie is resolved in favor of the requester. (Like benefit of doubt in the end requester knows just a bit more about his task ) Note :- The 3 workers and requesters are randomly selected from among the top 10 workers and requesters of the month (based on the rating system).

Step 4 - The committee (in discussion with the requester and worker) decides a date and time -no later than 48 hours of the initial request by the worker-for the 1st meeting (video/audio)- where both worker and requester must be present. Half an hr before the meeting time to review the workers reevaluation request form and workers rejection form so that they can familiarize themselves with the case and both sides of the argument. Then in a meeting both workers and requesters put their parts/arguments forward. Committee members ask and clarify various things they need to decide the case. All committee members must share their initial thoughts and opinions/views with the workers and requesters.

Step 5 After putting forward their case and listening to committee members initial thoughts, worker and requesters move to a separate private meeting chat room setting to discuss a possible solution within themselves. This is not only to promote the idea of compromising and improving worker requester relationship and at the same time possibly reduce the workload of the committee. If an agreement is reached the worker and requesters inform the committee with 1 hours after the meeting and worker formally withdraws his request.

Step 6 The worker and requester if cant get a mutual amicable solution the committee starts the case meeting. The committee members discuss and debate the merits of the case before they finally vote on the case and finalize their decision and inform the worker and the requester.

Step 7- Financing the committee expenses. In case of a worker favoring result the requester has to pay an extra 5% of the HIT price. In case of a requester favoring result, the worker has to pay that extra 5% as a penalty.

These % figures will increase quadratically if the same workers / requester in involved in the wrong side of the decision repeatedly. Incentive to requester to reject carefully and workers to request reevalution only if absolutely necessary.