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A reputation system is a must for any crowdsourcing platform as it provides the required sense of trust to both workers and requesters. There can be different levels which can be unlocked by their activities like satisfactory task completion, rating provided by requester, etc. (for workers) and prompt payment, task clarity, etc. (for requesters).

Inspired Idea

The level of a worker would determine the type of tasks available to him (i.e. the requester can choose to make his task available to workers of a certain level).


Paid crowd work offers remarkable opportunities for improving productivity, social mobility, and the global economy by engaging a geographically distributed workforce to complete complex tasks on demand and at scale. But it is also possible that crowd work will fail to achieve its potential.

Inspired Idea

The best idea is to hire a conflict resolution professional or any consultant by the organization in order to minimize the issues. The task of this professional is to decide the actual fault and do the necessary so that both worker/Requestor may not be at stake. It will also be very a good to assess the views of both of them and arrive at a decision. These people must be very well trained as it sometimes depends of psychological views also. A cross feedback system can also be developed by the organisation in order to qualify their own decisions over others and rectify their mistakes since after all a judgement can right be right or wrong.


The basic objective is to monitor, avoid and control fraud done either by requester or worker. On the worker’s side, the helping hand is minimum wages and price normalization while on the requester’s side, event(milestone) based payment, timely completion and quality of work. Achieving transparency is always the most difficult in any system, as a coin cannot land into two pockets, i.e., favouring one side affects the other adversely. Hence there is a need to keep a perfect balance of authority.

Inspired Idea

The payment issue becomes more intense with the scale of payment, hence the workers collectively supporting each other’s work is a good idea. A big task is divided into various milestones (sometimes, even adding some initial one’s artificially). When the workers achieve early milestones (redundancy exists, of course), requester can choose the potential workers to be carried forward for further and more challenging milestones. Meanwhile, they can be partly paid.