Milestone 4 researchinprogress Reputation: Mutual Rating System

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Problem statement (problem being addressed):

How might we design better reputation systems?

An important aspect of crowdsourcing markets is to have a system which makes it easier for workers to choose the reputed requesters. It is also important for the requesters to choose the workers who have higher rating to ensure quality.

So, a reputation system is necessary to provide an efficient mechanism to choose the desired target .This can be achieved by having ratings based on experience and quality of work done for the workers. And, ratings based on promptness, task-clarity and fairness for the requesters. But, the question is that who has the power to provide these ratings? What if the ratings are biased and don't convey proper information? Since, these ratings are kept in mind while assigning the tasks,it might be unfair, as it will provide some capable workers lesser work than they deserve. This problem has to be dealt with, to ensure fairness and design a better reputation system.