Milestone 4 sanjosespartans Empathy: Requester and Workers Attitude

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Theme: Empathy

Question : How might we encourage the growth of understanding of the attitude and feelings of the Requesters and Workers?

Ideas covered:

1. Meeting outside the system to build trust

2. Make Workers act as Requesters and vice versa

3. Requesters can send gifts to Workers

4. A certain amount of Requester costs are reserved to pay bonuses to each worker

5. Humanizing worker profiles

Design Axes :


From the above figure the are to be explored(Dark Horse Idea):

1. In the region of Requester and Meetups/Hangout Sessions the present day suggestion is that on Turking Platfomrs we have seen intercation between workers can take place,but in case of Requesters it doesn't take place.

2. We suggest that such a type of interaction be made possible as it would help Requester to know about the quality of work of a Worker from other person along with the Rating of the Worker,though direct communication between them can't always be taken as the factor of deciding about the Worker but in case of some outstanding candidates can bolster their profile and if they do consistent work here also then in future if there is any Task that needs some good understanding or some hard work is needed then obviously these candidates would be given a preference over the others.

3. A discussion between Requesters can also be done in the way that if some of them have a Task similar to some other Requester and are experiencing some problems in the same,so they can consult and get important feedback points and tips and tricks from those Requesters and indirectly would help them in removing the issues that they may face.

4. It also leads to a community atmosphere where all people co-ordinate and co-operate with each other in times of need and help out each other.