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Design Axes for 3 Themes

Task clarity

Things in common:

  • Exploiting collective wisdom of the crowd
  • Tasks need to be screened before being deployed
  • Interaction between workers and requesters


  • The ideas show different power on how to decide what is clear and how to implement clarity
  • Some ideas introduce an intermediate layer to improve clarity, while others take advantage of the aggregated knowledge (templates)
  • Some ideas suggest to improve tasks by actively editing, while others are suggesting to vote for the existing tasks without intervening


Things in common:

  • Crowdsourcing needs to be fair for everyone
  • They present rule-based pricing and rewarding schemes


  • Strategies for making payments.


Things in common:

  • Rewards that go beyond mere compensation
  • Interaction between workers and requesters that involves aspects outside the regular crowdsourcing paradigm
  • Importing social behaviour from the offline world that we know makes us happier


  • Some ideas extend to the real world while other stay in crowd platform environment
  • Some ideas assume switching between workers and requesters roles while others emphasize the improvement in the relationship
  • Some are appealing to monetary incentives while others are based on the social rewards

List of Ideas and the Theme they belong to

Provide them in whatever format you want - diagrams, sketches, table, or a combination.

Automatically improving task clarity Milestone_4_taskforce_taskclarity_automatically

Adapting tasks to different cultural backgrounds Milestone_4_taskforce_taskclarity_cultural

Task debate channel Milestone_4_taskforce_transparency_taskdebatechannel