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Adapting the tasks to different cultural bakgrounds

We propose the automatic adaptation of microtasks to different cultural backgrounds.

This idea is based on the work of Reinecke and Bernstein [1], who proposed to adapt user interfaces to different cultural backgrounds, as "Adapting user interfaces to a user’s cultural background can increase satisfaction, revenue, and market share". We would include such a method as an additional feature which could be activated by the user, but it would not be mandatory to adapt the UI of the task to the culture automatically identified by the system.

  • We would consider matching tasks with different cultures to leverage the performance of workers.
  • Creating of the intermediate layer of crowdworkers for the translation of the instructions and sometimes even tasks’ content (i.e. data / content to be processed) to communicate with a broader audience of crowd workers that do not speak the original language to participate.
    • A challenging aspect of this process would be the definition of an aggregation method that combines responses of different cultural adaptations

[1] Reinecke, K., & Bernstein, A. (2013). Knowing what a user likes: A design science approach to interfaces that automatically adapt to culture. Mis Quarterly, 37(2), 427-453.