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Design Axes for 3 Themes

For each of the three themes you've chosen, talk with your team about:

  • What do these ideas tend to have in common?
  • How do these ideas tend to differ?

Use your insights from this conversation to generate design axes like we discussed in last week's meeting (see slide notes if you'd like). Write up a short paragraph (2-4 sentences) for each theme summarizing the similarities, differences, and axes inspired.



1. Developing non-professional relationships: Ideas under this theme aim at establishing non-professional relationships between workers and requesters. This is done in order to create bonding between them which can help in overcoming trust issues to some extent.

2. Motivating workers: All ideas encourage workers to perform well by providing them with bonus or surprise gifts.

3. Promoting Interaction: All ideas promote interaction between workers and requesters either directly (team building, matchmaking) or indirectly (user profiles, sending gifts)


1. The idea of Bonus Pool Payment focuses on attracting and motivating the workers to work harder by informing them about the bonus amount in advance, whereas the idea of surprise gift aims at rewarding the workers for their good work without initially letting them know that there is something besides normal task payment.

2. Visualization idea proposes workers and requesters to take each others’ roles in order to understand the others’ needs better while, other ideas focus on interaction between workers and requesters - meeting/ profile pictures to understand needs and perspectives of the other person better.



1. All the ideas aim at gaining the trust of the worker.

2. The ideas try to ensure on time payment so that good workers are motivated to do more tasks. This ensures good workers from leaving the platform.

3. The ideas tend to differentiate between an above average and a below average worker. This can be taken into account to ensure that good workers are getting paid more than average or below average workers.


1. The first idea(Standardize task pricing) determines the appropriate wage depending upon the feedback obtained from workers and requesters while the remaining ideas do not take any sort of feedback.

2. “Standardize task pricing” idea considers the geographical distribution of the workers in determining the minimum wages whereas other ideas ignore it, setting a standard minimum wage.

3. Creating checkpoints also ensure that workers do not face mass rejection. Other ideas do not consider this aspect.



1. All ideas aim at reducing discrepancies and ambiguities in task descriptions.

2. All ideas aim at bringing the best out of a worker by articulating the task description.


1. Some ideas allow workers to decide if a particular task must be posted. Some edit the task description before being posted.

2. “Stronger categorization of work” tries to match a worker’s skill set with task classes by using recommender algorithms. Other approaches tend to make task descriptions more lucid.

3. The “artificial turker” introduces a third party interface between the worker and requester. Other ideas involve direct communication between requesters and workers.

List of Ideas and the Theme they belong to

Milestone 4 TeamTrojans Empathy: DarkHorse_Idea_Have_requesters_endorse_workers_skills

Milestone 4 TeamTrojans Task Clarity: Dark_Horse_Having_a_method_to_post_task_specific_or_requester_specific_instructions

Milestone 4 TeamTrojans Transparency: Description of your idea