Milestone 5 ABC Storyboard: Third Party Interface

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Third Party Interface

Task Clarity is essential for both workers and requesters. Good task design will enable the workers to analyse the problem and come up with efficient solutions. On the other hand, a good task description allows requesters to get the tasks accomplished in a shorter duration of time. So in order to tackle this issue, the idea of third party interface is put forward.

It is very difficult to design tasks such that everybody understands a particular task, especially the rural population of a country. Therefore, it is very important to place a third party interface or expert who has the power to edit these tasks in a way that it can be interpreted by every society. Third person should be selected according to geographical location of the society, experience and skill-set.

The storyboard of the present scenario is shown as follows.

Third Party 1 small.png

Due to diverse backgrounds of the workers, they will be facing problems in understanding the whole task as well as establishing good communication with the requester. This can lead to a lot of stress and frustration in both ends.

Inclusion of third party helps in the following way.

Third Party 2 small.png