Milestone 5 Betzy

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This is the template for your team's submission for Milestone 5

Pick 2 ideas that were generated from Milestone 4 and produce prototypes for each of them. You can create interface mockups, storyboards, or both, depending on what you feel is most appropriate for the idea.

Please create a separate wiki page for each prototype. The naming convention should be Milestone 5 YourTeamName Mockup: Description of the idea you're prototyping or Milestone 5 YourTeamName Storyboard: Description of the idea you're prototyping. The wiki page should include the prototype itself (if you did a prototype in or so, just link to it - make sure it's publicly shared) and you should also link to the idea submission that it is a prototype of.

Please also submit the wiki pages for your prototypes individually to following the instructions at Milestone 5#Submitting

== Prototype for Idea : Social Graph System

We prototyped the Social Graph System that is described in the following link: