Milestone 5 Improving Task Authoring with a Project Manager by Team1

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Task Authorship

Study introduction

Requesters have an influence on the outcomes of workers, so our hypothesis is that bad authorship leads to a lower outcome quality, because of the ambiguity of tasks and its following misunderstanding. In STUDY 1 we propose a one-part experiment, using a crowdsourcing platform for the experimental environment, where we will test Project Manager (PM) and compare the results in the form of Analysis of variance (ANOVA) results before and after.

Study method

Method specifics and details

Experimental Design for the study

Measures from the study

What do we want to analyze?


@seko - Sekandar Matin, @purynova - Victoria Purynova, @ahmednasser - Ahmed Nasser, @kamila - Kamila Mananova