Milestone 5 Triple Clicks Mockup: Recommendation System & Task Design Dashboard

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The prototype reflects a portion of a task recommendation system. The intent behind these screens to convey that tasks could tagged and categorized by requestors based on needs in area of expertise as well as skills/tools under those areas. This would make it easier for requestors to be clear about what their task is and who should complete it, but it also allows workers to more quickly find tasks that match their criteria and skill set. This provides a little more task clarity and allows for faster/more tasks completion based on the premise that less time spend in searching for tasks means more time earning on tasks. Containing tasks in a more visual card form is also a deviation from the list format which may allow for more information and better filtering, but is not optimized for workers from the perspective of providing information at a glance and "rich snippets" or visualization of the task details.

Task Recommendation is a concept in pre-determined categories set forth by the system to help constrain requestors when they set up their tasks. It allows new workers to onboard quickly and even recommend additional tags to the system.

Task Recommendation.png

Task Selection is the next screen in the concept. It focuses on matching the worker to tasks and requestors that fit their profile. The top half of the concept is one idea based around cards: Workers are shown a series of tasks that match their interests and are able to select/learn more or decline to help the system understand how to build better recommendations. The second half (bottom) is another idea that takes the cards idea, reduces it to basic information and lets the worker scroll and see all tasks at once.

Task Selection.png


Milestone 4 TuringMachine: Recommendation System & Task Design Dashboard