Milestone 5 YourTeamName Mockup: Empathy Idea Social Graph System

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This idea introduces the concept of a social graph system. Requesters and Workers would be the nodes of the graph and the edges represent the relationship between them. The stronger the connection, the more weight the edge has. This graph system will make it easier for the algorithm to evaluate the closeness of two parties i.e. the level of communication between the requesters and the workers.



This idea borrows from social networking sites like Facebook. It uses a social graph model to measure the strength of relation between a worker and a requester, or two workers, or two requesters. We model a social graph with requesters and workers in the nodes and edges representing the connection. The connections are strengthened by positive feedback between two individuals. This also strengthens (in a smaller magnitude) the connections between the rest of the individuals connected to the individuals in question. When it comes to assigning new tasks, the requesters have a better chance of employing the workers with a better connection to them and the workers can easily find tasks by requesters who are connected to them. This network is beneficial as it is built on mutual trust between two parties. Moreover, connectedness often helps build empathy.

Some of the salient features of this system are -

  • Requesters/Workers have a bio page(similar to the Wall on Facebook) where they have a small description about themselves ,additional details (optional, workers can maintain anonymity) and contact details.
Graph depicting worker-worker/worker-requester relationship
  • Workers can subscribe to requesters to get notified about their activities.
  • Requesters can attach a small video clip to each HIT,explaining the instructions and results he expects.This would enhance Task Clarity and also add a Humane feel to it(contributes to Empathy)
  • There is a forum attached to each HIT for general discussion regarding the HIT,a chat-box option maybe enabled by the requester to facilitate private communication for workers with that requester.