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==Brief Description of Idea:==
==Brief Description of Idea:==
[[File:M5.png|700px|thumb|center|Prototype:Mutual Rating]]
[[File:M5.png|700px|thumb|center|Prototype:Mutual Rating: Made on draw.io]]
The idea used was "Mutual Rating(Reputation)".
The idea used was "Mutual Rating(Reputation)".

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Brief Description of Idea:

Prototype:Mutual Rating: Made on draw.io

The idea used was "Mutual Rating(Reputation)".

The idea is to create a profile of workers and requesters which has their ratings and information.

The requesters here grade the quality of work done by the workers and give them the ratings.

-> These ratings are categorized : overall efficiency, behaviour, skills. This is how other requesters get to know which workers are good at what and they can choose the desired workers .

-> For all the HITs completed the requesters rate the workers and on that basis the ratings are visible to others.

-> We also have categorization of HITs which help workers to select the level of HIT they want to work on.

-> The provided ratings define the workers as experts, intermediate and novice which is a motivational tool for workers.

-> Skills of a top-worker are exposed and he gets the desired HITs to work on.

-> A novice will have to be given a head-start for acquiring reputation.

Weekly/monthly challenges are by the platform/prototype which motivates and provides experience to the novice category to increase their ratings.

At the worker side:

-> The requesters are rated by the workers on : overall experience, promptness, fairness,behaviour after the HITs are completed.

-> The ratings help other workers to select a specific requester. These ratings can categorize requesters as experts, intermediate and novice and motivates the requesters to improve their chances of getting more workers.

-> The top requesters are motivated to grab desired category of workers.

The prototype has a search toolto choose the category of requesters workers on the basis of their ratings and other requirements. The top workers are requesters are displayed at the top.