Milestone 5 researchinprogress Storyboard: Requester Worker Interaction

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Brief Description of Idea

The idea used was 'Informal Chats (Empathy). The following are some points which tell us about the idea in brief:

- A worker can talk to the requester before starting a task to get task related doubts clarified.

- This can be done by a one-to-one online chat.

- Requesters can clearly tell the worker what they expect out of the task.

- This helps the worker do the work with clarity and easily.

- It builds a trust between the workers and the requesters and increases chances of that worker working for the same requester in future.

- There can also be options of group chats where other workers/requesters can inquire/know about tasks completed/put up by a worker/requester.

Design axes for Results theme