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'''Worker Profile'''
'''Worker Profile'''

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We have prototyped the idea proposed by Team Pixel Perfect, Social Graph System.

The system can be represented as a social graph with requesters and workers as nodes. The entire system is overlooked by a team of admins.The purpose of having admins is to ensure smooth functioning of the system. They will in no way have veto to resolve disputes between workers and requesters. These nodes can be interconnected.Initially, there are no connections between nodes.

There can be two types of links:

1. A link between a requester and a worker is created when a worker submits a response for the first time for a requester. Each link is associated with a link that reflects it's importance. The weight of a link is based on three factors:

Previous ratings of the worker
Requester's rating for the worker
Endorsements of workers skill set.

Initially, a link is established between a worker and a requester as a result of a worker submitting a response to a requester's HIT. The initial weight is propotional to the worker's previous ratings. After submission of responses, a requester may upvote a worker's profile and also endorse a particular skill. These actions will increase a link's weight. The increase in a weight will be propogated to all other subsequent connected links.

Similarly, a downvote by a requester results in a decrease in a weight.

2. A link between a worker and a worker is created based on the following factors:

Common category of tasks performed by the workers
Workers having similar skill sets
Workers who have submitted responses to a common requester.

The system is modeled as shown:

Requester and Worker Profiles

Each requester and worker have a profile that other individuals can view. A requester's profile contains the following information :

Profile Name
Geographical Location

In addition, a requester's profile may contain the number of posted HITs and a worker's profile may contain number of responses submitted. Since, there are worker-worker connections, a worker's profile also suggests connections to workers.

The profiles may look like the following:

Worker Profile