Milestone 5 teamtrojans Mockup: endorsing worker skills

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We have prototyped the idea, Endorsing worker skills. Requesters are able to view a worker's profile and if satisfied with a worker's response, may endorse a particular skill. The interface may look like the following :


Workers are able to view the number of endorsements. The interface may look like :


Requesters endorsing worker skills has multiple advantages :

From the requester's perspective 1. Helps requesters to determine the capability of a particular worker

2. An endorsement becomes a good will gesture from a requester. It is a mechanism for requesters to appreciate workers

3. New requesters find it easy to assign tasks to workers having a high number of endorsements.

From the worker's perspective 1. Endorsements help workers get noticed by requesters and get good quality tasks

2. Endorsements help improve a worker's ratings

3. They give a personal touch to the worker-requester relationship

The idea may be disadvantageous to new workers. Since novices do not have any ratings or endorsements, it may be difficult for them to find good quality work.