Milestone 6

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Due date (PST): 11:59 pm 8th April 2015 for submission, 9 am 10th April 2015 for voting and commenting on others' submissions.

  • Youtube link of the meeting today: watch
  • Meeting 6 slideshow: pdf

There are 2 options for this week, depending on whether your team is more interested in the research side of things, or is more interested in developing the basic infrastructure of our platform.

Milestone 6 Research Proposal

Milestone 6 Code Infrastructure

Note that your choice of milestone this week will not limit your future options (ie, if you write a research proposal this week, you will still be able to contribute to code in the future if you so desire), so please choose the one that your team is best-suited for and most interested in.


Depending on which option your team decided to take, follow the submission instructions below:

Milestone 6 Research Proposal#Submitting

Milestone 6 Code Infrastructure#Submitting

Infra Survey

link to the survey

Weekly Survey

Please fill out this survey so we can improve this research project!