Milestone 6 Code Infrastructure Template

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Template for Milestone 6 Code Infrastructure. If your team did Milestone 6 Research Proposal, see Milestone 6 Research Proposal Template

Live Site

Make a publicly hosted site that showcases your service (Heroku is a great free option) and link to it. Tutorials for doing this:

Django on Heroku


Add your Github repo to the crowdresearch organization on github: and link to it

Please make sure to document all of your code on github so that it is easily understandable by others. Make sure to share your repository on the #infra channel so that other teams are aware of where your code lives so that they can join your repository if they want.


If this is a collaboration between multiple teams, list them here.


Please document your overall system architecture. Please explain how your framework is modular and makes it easy to extend the platform and add new features.

Example Modules in this system architecture

Implement one or more features as a a module and document how someone would create those modules / how the modules fit into your system architecture.