Milestone 6 Infrastructure Voting

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We will use run-off voting to select the codebase we will be using as the basis of our crowd platform infrastructure. Please carefully look at the code for each of the submissions, and rank at least 3 codebases that you would be willing to work with.


If you had to choose a codebase and architecture to work with as a baseline, rank the codebases you'd prefer

Milestone 6 AltaMira

Milestone 6 Betzy

Milestone 6 pnp

Milestone 6 Pumas Infra

Milestone 6 researchinprogress

Milestone 6 TuringMachine Code



1) Betzy 2) TuringMachine 3) AltaMira


1) AltaMira 2) TuringMachine 3) Betzy


We are not doing the self vote.. 1) AltaMira 2) Betzy