Milestone 7

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This week, you will think about the main critiques to the ideas in your research proposals, and improve your research proposals based on them.

(Teams which want to contribute to infrastructure: please see the infra slack channel for how you can contribute)

Synthesis of last week's research proposals

Here are the main ideas represented in last week's research proposals.

TODO: please fill in!

Critiques of last week's research proposals

Here are the critiques that people have in response to your research proposals.

TODO: please fill in!

This week's deliverable

Take the research proposal you proposed, and revise it based on the critiques. You are not required to stay with the same ideas as your previous one -- you are welcome to propose a different research proposal, optionally riffing off previous proposals/ideas, if you feel so inclined (please provide attribution appropriately).

You should brainstorm some more in response to the critiques, and revise and submit a new research proposal. The format should be the same as from the previous milestone. See Milestone 6 Research Proposal#Format of your research proposal.

If you're feeling inspired, feel free to include some additional mockups or basic prototypes that illustrate what you're thinking of.


Create a Wiki Page for your Team's Submission

Please create a page for your team's submission at (substituting in YourTeamName with the team name), copy over the template at Milestone 7 Template .

[Team Leaders] Post the links to your research proposals until 15th April 11:59 pm

We have a service on which you can post research proposals you generated, comment on them, and upvote ones you like.

Post links to your research proposals only once they're finished. Give your posts the same title as your mock research paper. Do not include words like "Milestone", "Research Proposal", or your team name in the title.

-Please submit your finished research proposals by 11:59 pm 15th April 2015, and DO NOT vote/comment until 16th April 12:05 am

[Everyone] Peer-evaluation (upvote ones you like, comment on them) from 12:05 am 16th April until 9 am 17th April

Post submission phase, you are welcome to browse through, upvote, and comment on others' research proposals. We encourage you especially to look at and comment on submissions that haven't yet gotten feedback, to make sure everybody's submissions get feedback.

Step 1: Please use to find submissions that haven't yet gotten feedback, and to find submissions that haven't been yet been viewed many times.

Step 2: Once you find an idea of interest or less attended, please vote and comment upon it. Please perform this action from 3 to 5 submissions - this will help us balance the comments and votes. Please do not vote your team's research proposals. Once again, everyone is supposed to vote+comment, whether you're the team leader or not.

COMMENT BEST-PRACTICES: As on Crowdgrader, everybody reviews at least 3 submissions, supported by a comment. The comment should provide constructive feedback. Negative comments are discouraged - if you disliked some aspect of a submission, make a suggestion for improvement.

[Team Leaders] Milestone 7 Submissions

To help us track all submissions and browsing through them, once you have finished your Milestone 7 submission, go to the link below and post the link:

Milestone 7 Submissions

Weekly Survey