Milestone 7 Architecture

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  • Design and create the core infrastructure to support basic interactions between workers and requestors.
  • We will design the infrastructure to be extensible, robust, and modular. Additional, we will aim to have a design that can automatically adapt to the power and trust structures that a given collective of requestors and/or workers define.


System Architecture


How will it work?

  • Nginx is used as a reverse-proxy and serve the static files
  • Gunicorn will handle the WSGI applications, in our case the Django Apps.
  • The Django app is a great way to modularization. After completing the main web application we will work on rest APU with OAUTH2 autheentication. This app will be used for mobile and desktop clients. Other applications can be derived as project progresses.

The Django apps is a great way to do modularization, we will start with the main web application, and later we will work on another application which will be the rest API with OAUTH2 authentication, this app will be used for mobile clients and desktop clients. Other applications will follow depending on the need.

Core Architecture & System Functionalities