Milestone 8 BufferOverflow Foundation1

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Foundation 1: Micro+macrotask market

What would the tasks look like? How are they submitted? Does this look like AMT where any expert certified in an area can accept the task? Or like an oDesk negotiation?

When we deal with macro tasks one of the important issues is payment. These kind of problems need observation from human beings, hence, we need negotiation to fulfill this requirement. Two of the biggest macro task platforms(oDesk and Freelancer) provide this functionality.

How do we ensure high-quality results?

We have a rating system that rates workers based on feedback and reviews of their past jobs. Also users pass some tests for each skill. Requester can specify conditions for a job and only workers that satisfy those conditions can take the job.

Do you let an expert work for hours and submit? That seems risky. Should there be intermediate feedback mechanisms?

Requester declare some milestones for macro tasks. So Requester can observe the progress. Also this mechanism reduce risk of free riding.

How do you trust that someone is an expert?

Not only users take some tests to be able to take a job, but also requester post some comments on workers and based on these feedbacks we can distinguish skilled workers from others.