Milestone 8 Mustang: Foundation 2

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Submission for Milestone 8: Foundation 2, by Team Mustang

Foundation 2: Input and Output Transducers

Challenge question 1

  • Cost: who pays for this? In other words, can this be done without hugely increasing the cost of crowdsourcing?

Someone will have to end up paying for this, as it is extra work that is being done on the tasks and results. The payment for the the tasks could also include the vetting process or there could be some exploration to see if there are other modes to monetize this, like ad’s related to the vetting work being done. The cost of crowdsourcing can either be decreased across the board (less money to be made on the platform) or monetizing the vetting process via advertisements would keep the base cost down, while other companies and groups pay for your work to be vetted.

Challenge question 2

  • Speed: is it possible to do this quickly enough to give near-immediate feedback to requesters? Like, 2–4 minutes? As spamgirl says, "The #1 thing that requesters love about AMT from her recent survey of requesters, is that the moment that I post tasks, they start getting done."*

It is possible to do this on the new crowdsourcing platform by providing incentives to join. The main focus to provide that kind of service is having a large number of people who are willing to take on tasks at any moment. That can only be achieved via a critical mass of workers.