Milestone 8 NCPD Foundation1

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Microtasks being the smallest unit of work can be initially given out by a requester as a whole or in parts. The solutions to each of these microtasks as submitted by several workers will be combined by the same requestor to formulate macrotasks, and are handed out to the workers. There will be no specific distinction made for a task to be considered as micro or macro, it is only wrt the perspective of a requestor. The task description and submission will be the same for both tasks. In the event where promises made by the worker to complete the project on time gets delayed or is incomplete due to various reasons, the requester will have to start looking for a new worker if the completion within a deadline is very crucial or he might suffer a huge loss. In order to overcome this issue, there is a need for the requester to follow and guide through the progress of the workers. This can be achieved by breaking the main problem into smaller ones with defined deadlines (milestones to track progress). This approach will help the requester to note the workers’ progress at every stage. Based on the observed progress, the requester can begin to trust the workers and also be in the better place regarding the project progress. As the deadlines approach closer, the requester can make changes to the wages,and also give higher benefits to the worker whose quality of work was good.