Milestone 8 NCPD Foundation2

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Foundation 2: Input and output transducers

The work done has to be reviewed by the requester to check if it meets minimum standards. However, the requester could be sometimes unfair by rejecting decent work. Also, the worker needs to have transparency as to why his work was rejected. This can be solved by introducing an anonymous third party which helps in reviewing the work and providing feedback accordingly. The reviewing team should have a worker and a requester who have the highest ranking on the platform. The requester who put up the work will review the work and send it to the reviewing team. The review team will check if the reviewer has been fair enough in reviewing and will suggest changes in review if necessary. Once the reviewing is done, a feedback is provided on the quality of work and ways the worker could have done better at work. This act of reviewing by the highly rated reviewers(requesters and workers) is not based on pay but instead badges stating their positions as a reviewer can be provided. This helps to add more credits to the reviewer’s profile. In this way, the problem of huge spending for this task can be overcome.

The workers can get to know about the new tasks only through filtering the complete search list manually. This task is very clumsy, time consuming and also does not guarantee the best options for the workers. In order to overcome this problem, we can come up with an algorithm that uses the worker’s skill and the previously worked tasks lists to filter the best options for the users and list it to them on their personalized home page of the platform. This makes the tasks reach the right workers in the quickest time possible. Another way is to notify the new tasks in a current active tasks list on the homepage of the platform before login.

The requesters must define their tasks and the end results expected by them clearly. This clarity will help the workers make informed decision and stops the misunderstandings that could have possibly occurred due to same. The platform researchers can allow such tasks that are based on the pure experimentation, as the mis-occurrences due to the above can be avoided.