Milestone 8 Sundevils Foundation3

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Foundation 3: External quality ratings

Challenge question 1:Is this a group/authority? Or is it an algorithm?

The ratings are going to be based on an algorithm which gives the ratings for each worker based on

1) how many tasks he has successfully completed

2) how many rejects has been received

3) how well he has fulfilled the basic requirements set by a requester for his task and

4) how well a task has been completed with the extra features.

A requester is given ratings based on how he designs the task, and how well his work is taken up and finished.

M8F3 1.jpg

M8F3 2.jpg

Challenge question 2: If it’s a group, who pays for their time to review you?

To avoid this problem we opt for computer based algorithm. Since probability of people volunteering for providing ratings are very slim. Algorithms work better. Or else the crowd sourcing platform should pay for maintaining a group of workers and requester who give unbiased ratings.