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Foundation 2:Open governance

Challenge question 1:Is it direct voting on everything? Or representative democracy?

Direct voting would be the best option. Since every action performed is online, choosing on a representative is complicated and arriving at a consent is difficult. And representative democracy may fail to be the voice of majority .

Direct voting can be achieved by providing a compulsory poll for every user before accessing any tasks. This compulsory poll can be used to receive the voting for any decision to be taken.

Challenge question 2: žCan the research group have a hand here

Yes the research group must have a hand in this. Giving the requester and worker the entire rein of the horse wouldn't be a good idea.The research group has the ability to take decision based on the voting results obtained. The research the am should have this rights because they tend to be unbiased and know the platform quite well.

Challenge question 3:žIf there are changes that require engineering effort, who executes that? Us? Other volunteers?

We as the platform developers hold the responbility for making positive changes for the platform. We should hire expert people to make the changes. If volunteers from the platform are willing to make the change, we can pay them to make the changes. These changes would make our platform better and draw in more users.