Milestone 8 TuringMachine Foundation1

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Foundation 1: Micro+macrotask market

Create a marketplace that spans micro- and macro-tasks. Could the same marketplace scale from 2 to N people not just labeling images, but also Photoshopping my vacation photos or mixing my new song? The main idea is to maintain the submission approach from microtask markets, which is focused on two to hundreds of replications, but find ways to make it accessible to both microtask and expert work.

As Adam Marcus mentioned last week: "Why would a programmer want to join a crowd work platform? The draw of AMT right now is that you can find jobs quickly. Can we enable that same benefit for programmers?”

Challenges & Solution

  • Now we need to figure out: what would such a marketplace look like? Is there a way to adapt a microtasking model so it feels natural and useful for macrotasks?

*What would the tasks look like? How are they submitted? Does this look like AMT where any expert certified in an area can accept the task? Or like an oDesk negotiation?

  • How do we ensure high-quality results? Do you let an expert work for hours and submit? That seems risky. Should there be intermediate feedback mechanisms?

*How do you trust that someone is an expert?