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Foundation 4: Open governance

žLeadership shared by requesters, workers, (researchers?)

žPolicy changes can be worked out by this group


  • žIs it direct voting on everything? Or representative democracy?

  • How exactly will this work?
 Can the research group have a hand here?

  • žIf there are changes that require engineering effort, who executes that? Us? Other volunteers?


Open governance can present potential opportunities to sustain the crowdsourcing marketplace. However, designing large scale democratic eco-system is very challenging. It is important to understand that the open governance can come is various forms. We researched platforms that have successfully implemented the widely accepted open governance model. For instance, software community such as WG21, working group 21 acts in benefit of society and enhances the standards of the platform. WG21 is team of accredited experts from member nations of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 who define new standards and improvement in C++ programming languages.

How can we apply similar model to crowdsourcing?

W21, Crowd Computing Foundation