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Foundation 2: Input and output transducers

Who's responsible for the costs incurred in Peer-Reviewing system ?

The requestor is completely responsible for the payment regarding peer review system. This is justified by the following scenario:

When a requester has no time constraints, he himself can review all the submissions for a task instead of a review system. However incase requester is busy(which is usual) he can devote some additional amount of money for payments in the peer review system.

How to improve the speed of the feedback(both for requesters and workers) ?

Results to requester

There can be a separate workspace on the platform which allows the requester to review or view all the submissions for his task. Now the problem to be addressed is should all the submissions be directly pushed to the workspace or should there be some threshold at which the requester has to be personalised notified about received submissions. The latter is a better option as this threshold is requester-defined and can be customised by him accordingly. The requester can subscribe for an email notification for more personalisation.

Example : A requester can customise a threshold for 25 submissions which means after 25 submissions have been received for a task put up by him, an email notification can be sent to him

Task suggestions to a worker

Workers can choose area/categories of tasks that they would like to work on. Hence a system to immediately notify a worker once a task in the interested category is put can speed up the process of searching and finding a suitable task for a worker.