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Micro+ macro task market

What would such a marketplace look like? Is there a way to adapt a micro tasking model so it feels natural and useful for macro tasks?

In order to ensure the scalability of macro tasks,the requester can divide a macro task into small micro tasks. And every micro task can be treated as a check point from requester's perspective. Instead of giving the user an option of submitting a big macro task, user can submit individual micro tasks.

How do we ensure high-quality results? Do you let an expert work for hours and submit? That seems risky. Should there be intermediate feedback mechanisms?

Since workers submit every checkpoint, the requesters review each check points and provide feedbacks. If a requester is unsatisfied with a particular checkpoint, worker is asked to stop working on that task. This intermediate feedback mechanism ensures high quality results.

How do you trust that someone is an expert?

To ensure an expert works on a task, provide workers with test or a sample task that requires the same skill set. So, requesters can evaluate the responses of this sample task to determine the expertise of a worker. Requesters can also keep track of the time taken to submit the sample task. This allows them to estimate the time taken by the worker to submit each checkpoint of the macro task.