Milestone 8 teamtrojan Foundation 2

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Input and output transducers

Challenge question 1

Cost: who pays for this? In other words, can this be done without hugely increasing the cost of crowdsourcing?
 The committee responsible for providing ratings and acting as leaders will be responsible for reviewing tasks and responses. So, having the same committee for all the three foundations(2,3 and 4) reduces the required funds significantly. The required funds can be obtained from requesters and workers. Eg: Funds in the form of registration fees.

Challenge question 2

Speed: is it possible to do this quickly enough to give near-immediate feedback to requesters? We assign a group of requesters-workers to each panelist. This helps in giving immediate feedbacks.

Challenge question 3

What happens when I have a task that I know is hard but I want workers to just try their best and submit? The panel will not outrightly reject tasks because each response is reviewed by one panelist only. Since only one panelist is responsible to review a response, the requester can appeal to the panel to review that response and take final decision.

Challenge question 4

Could this help deal with people feeling bad when rejecting work? Maybe we need a new metaphor, like revision. Revision helps reducing rejection rate to a great extent since it may help reduce or omit common mistakes. The revision of responses may however not be of any help if the requesters expectation is completely different from the response. Since a revision does not cater to task specific mistakes.