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Open governance

Challenge question 1

Is it direct voting on everything? Or representative democracy?

Direct voting may lead to biased decisions. In case there is a significant difference in the number of requesters and workers, then direct voting may lead to unfair one-sided decisions.

Representative democracy can overcome this problem. Workers or requesters cannot be made leaders in representative democracy as this may again lead to unfair decisions. A committee consisting of researchers and an external group of arbitrary people can be chosen as representatives.

Drawback: Source of funds- We can collect funds(in the form of registration fees) from turkers and requesters.

Challenge question 2

How exactly will this work?

Any decision regarding disputes or platform related problems can be handled by the committee members. Since the committee does not include requesters and workers, their needs may not be represented adequately. Including researchers as a part of the committee has the following advantages:

a) Helps them understand the platform better b) Provides deeper insights into the interested field

Drawback: The committee may fail to change or introduce policies that the turkers or requesters want. There has to be a trade off between including workers and requesters that lead to biased decisions or excluding them and not having their needs represented adequately.

Challenge question 3

Can the research group have a hand here?

Committee consists of an external group of people apart from researchers who may not know the needs of the requesters and workers well. Researchers understand everybody’s perspective and thus, can be included in decision making.

Challenge question 4

If there are changes that require engineering effort, who executes that? Us? Other volunteers?

Either can be used to make engineering changes. Volunteers cannot be eliminated since they may be experts related to a field.Both should be given a fair chance.