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Votism: Turning Crowd Votes into Action!

Our idea is about creating an end-to-end collective action mechanisms that will turn voted proposals into a reality!
We envision that workers and requesters can use social media to share the changes (proposal ideas) they would like to see in the platform (e.g., maybe they now want requestors to verify their credentials). The system would collect the proposals shared on social media, and then have people vote on them on the platform. The system would then have mechanisms to make well received proposals a reality. For instance, it might help people to organize a street protest to ask requestors to verify themselves!
We considered people would use social media to share their proposals to not force individuals to use yet another tool. Additionally, we have already witnessed the great use of social media to discuss crowdsourcing platforms,and even propose changes to them. We believe that by leveraging social media into our design, we can create a more participatory environment. However, to vote on the proposals people would need to be on our platform (thus ensuring that only real workers + requesters vote). A prototype of our voting platform is shown below. Our platform considers different types of voting schemes, not just majority rule. This allows workers +requestors to establish the dynamic they are most comfortable with (e.g., preferential voting)


Platform Site:

[Image Caption: Extreme case where platform encourages crowds to the streets to push for the change they want to see on the platform!]