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Ultimate Jobs Platform with Micro+Macro Task Fusion

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Proposed Name for the Ultimate Jobs Platform


A jobs platform with microtasks and macrotasks? Essentially, some platforms like oDesk already implement this approach in their platform.

Here, we give a glimpse of the future platform that will offer a lot more robust and reliable features.

We present the main page, Sign Up page, and then the Jobs page.

This is the main page (plain/no image version) of

We present the Sign Up page for workers and clients.

This is the Sign Up page. It looks mobile responsive!

The Jobs Page (for workers) shown below gives a glimpse of the Microtasks Jobs section. This page will be RSS Feed-ready.

Microtasks section: lists down all microtasks (can be curated by worker based on desired/specific filters -- see right-hand side of the page to see the Search tool and Filters section). Many jobs here are likely unmoderated (subject to specific rules/policies) and can be taken up by workers immediately (in the image: see "Click to Start Working" button on the first microtask, and the red "Moderated" text on the second microtask).

Macrotasks section: This is similar to the Microtasks section, except that this section is dedicated to macrotasks. Most jobs here are likely moderated. Tasks here offer either fixed price or hourly pay.

Job Feed section: This is a random, complete list of all jobs available in the platform. It is a mix of microtasks and macrotasks. Workers may prefer this section so they can see all potential jobs on one page. Workers can use the Search and Filters section to curate/create a "leaner" and more relevant Job Feed.

Favorites section: This is where the worker can view/monitor favorite tasks or clients. Notification settings can be used to alert the worker about relevant activities (example, favorite client posted a new job; new job post based on keyword used, etc.)

This is the Microtasks section of the Jobs page

Proposed Name for the Ultimate Jobs Platform: OpusKaizen

After thinking about and creating a list of possible names, Jsilver has narrowed it down to a few names. For this milestone, we propose the name OpusKaizen for the future ultimate online jobs platform.

OpusKaizen is the perfect name for the future jobs platform!

Please read our detailed explanation (available below and on Tricider) and VOTE for OpusKaizen on [1]

Thinking 10 chess moves ahead: This proposed name has already been registered as a domain name. Remember, we can't use a proposed name, no matter how good it is, if you can't register it as a domain name. (Registering a domain name is an ultra-low risk proposition)

WE are Kaizens: Workers of the future platform will be aptly called Kaizens (a 'serious play' with the word 'citizens') because they are diligent changemakers who always strive to improve their skills (and be of service to others/satisfy clients).

By far, this has the most detailed explanation among all suggested names!