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To vote these candidates, please go to this link


Mohammed Kambal

Hi! My name is Mohammed Kambal, an internet activist and a lobbyist, with deep interest in decentralized platforms and new organizations structures. I've also worked in similar projects like Wikipedia and open street map. Aside from this, I'm interested in Internet, culture and globalization. I founded a research project to better understand this area.

Michael Bernstein

I'm a Stanford assistant professor of computer science: I teach and do research on crowdsourcing, social computing, and human-computer interaction. I previously helped create Dynamo, a project to give crowd workers more voice. I've also been an active requester since 2009.


I've joined this project (since early-March) as an online freelancer with two main goals:

  1. help stop exploitation and overexploitation of my fellow online workers (and have all workers get better and/or fair pay),
  2. and help create a platform that serves my first goal

If given a chance to serve in the Leadership Board, I would help promote synergy in terms of actions and decisions. As a forever Boy Scout (and former Scout leader), I love helping other people at all times, and for this project, I would like to help create a fair and far-improved platform - the best platform - for workers and clients alike.


I am Saiph, a researcher, activist, and technologist. In these three roles I have focused on empowering crowd workers, requestors and researchers. As part of the board, I will spend my day fighting for your needs. It is part of my innate nature to fight for others. I will also ensure we produce excellent research and technology to support crowd work. Please vote for me! Vote for the change you want to see in crowd work!
[Image Caption: Possible photo of myself fighting for your rights!]

Alison Cossette

I'm Alison Cossette, a graduate student at Northwestern University in Predictive Analytics. I have been actively contributing to the crowdresearch project since it's launch this past spring. I am also the co-creator (with @Trygve) of this rapid prototyping governance experiment. I believe to best serve the future workers and requesters of the platform we need to test not only our code but our governance and operations. My professional experience ranges from Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs to award-winning entrepreneurship (2004 Nat'l Finalist - Stevie Awards for Women - Technology Innovator of the Year). I believe this platform can have a significant impact on a global scale to address fair employment in the digital labor market as well as be a tool to support economic development of requesters in all regions.

Martín Daniel

I'm a computer engineering student at UNAM. I'm good at listening to people and I always do the necessary to help people to resolve their problems. I think that these two traits are essential for the Leadership Board, and these are all things I deeply enjoy doing! If elected I will do all that is in my hands to efficiently solve your problems!
P.S. I am a cat lover. I will thus, always guarantee that our research is pet-friendly!

Rolando Cruz

I'm Rolando Cruz. My mother is from Colombia and my father is from El Salvador. I am 16 years old and a Junior (3rd year) at San Marin High School.

I am a Software Engineer at BASE (Bay Area Student Entrepreneurs). BASE is composed of 12 high school student entrepreneurs who are passionate about making new products to improve the lives of our fellow students and everyone else in the world. Our main project is Dragonfly and Pearl, an app that helps students learn more efficiently with just a snapshot of what they are reading.

I am also one of the organizers of a new Hackathon coming this July for interns at tech companies who are interested in web development and want to learn how they can make beautiful yet impressive personal websites/portfolios.

Another one of my projects is MYNZ, the first augmented reality game for Apple Watch or iPhone.

James Damon

Hello, my names is James Damon (@james on Slack). I graduated last year from Simmons GSLIS with a masters degree in Library and Information Science and currently work at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Library. I am interested in the potential for crowd platforms to transform the economy by lowering barriers to participation.

I believe that with a well designed system that takes advantage of modern technology, we can work together like never before. We have an opportunity to make something that succeeds where traditional organizations often fail. The structure of many corporations and governments is intentionally low tech but that doesn't mean we have to follow their example.

I will work to make an organization where every concern is heard and addressed, where even the weakest among us can contribute, where we are defined by our greatest successes, and where the fortune of the individual increases with the fortune of the many.

Radhika Bhanu

Hi, my name is Radhika Bhanu, and I'm from India. I've held various leadership positions in the past and I hope to draw from those experiences to address all issues to make this platform bigger, badder and better! I'm very keen on making this platform a viable, secondary income to struggling individuals, and will do my best to ensure equality and fairness amongst both workers and requesters. If I were to be elected to the Board, I promise to create a platform that fosters the exchange and co-creation of value; that is hassle free, easy to use and a perfect answer to a digital workplace!

Karan Rajpal

I'm Karan Rajpal, a User Interface Developer from India. I have always felt that taking ownership of something is the only way any real progress can be made, and I am willing to take up joint-ownership of this Crowdsourcing platform. I hope to bring some of my experience as a student leader to help this platform grow from an amazing idea to an amazing product. My aim, if I get elected to the board, is to help enforce a transparent, usable and fair marketplace for all the participants.

Kajal Gupta

Hey All. I am Kajal and currently an undergrad and here I am standing to represent all the students and injustice that is being happening to students like me over this big platforms. They ask us to work but never appreciate in a way we like,Yes they give us dollars but is that enough?? we students want a stand, we want justice, vote and help me to help other students and help me to take decision along with others so that it will benefit not only business people but also we students.After all we are future.

Shirish Goyal

I am a technologist and researcher in software engineering, embedded systems and machine vision. I have worked on numerous projects and have gained a good understanding of the problems involved and pain points for requesters and workers who are both although vying for the same goal, still fall apart due to difference in how they approach the goal. As a representative of workers, I would like to help frame regulations to make this crowdsourcing platform more approachable, fair and consistent to workers across the globe where workers are assured of better returns, social status and freedom over their time as they form the critical working backbone. Having also been in the shoes of requesters, I will be in a position to find a balance between both the parties by critical examination of their demands, advocacy of their rights and bringing more public participation.

Alex Aaron Peña

Hey everyone, my name is Alex, i'm 16 years old, just finished my junior (3rd) year of high school, and currently attend Abraham Lincoln High School in San Jose, California. I live at home with my single mother, she is from Nayarit, Mexico.

Currently, I am the president of the Computer Science club at my school. I plan to make it all that it never was able to become in the past. In doing so I intend to inspire these students to build the impossible. I am also Vice president of our MESA (Math Engineering Science and Achievement) club. In between school and home life, I try to squeeze in some fun little side projects. I just recently decided to try and tackle an ambitious project that has yet to be named; a personal voice assistant with voice recognition. I am also one of the organizers of a hackathon that is on its way to the bay this July. It is aimed for those interested in web development, and looking to expand their knowledge in web programming to make amazing websites. Being a passionate computer science enthusiast, I seek to try provide an environment that advocates creativity, and doing the impossible, as well as better the lives of those around me.

Lastly, I have been recently admitted into MakeSchool's summer academy ( I was one of the select few of over 1,300 applicants that were accepted to be apart of the 250 admitted. The application process was a little intense, after applying I was given a task to complete, and upon completion of the task successfully, I would be admitted into the summer academy, After receiving the task, I invested every minute I had available into finishing this program. I was supposed to create a program in Python that met a set of parameters they had. I went through about 5 different resubmissions of my code, each time I submitted my code, they would respond with something being wrong, or needing improvement. But I never gave up, I kept going back to it until I got it right. After completing the task, I was accepted, however that was only half the battle, I still needed to pay the tuition fee. Having come from a family that makes too much to qualify for financial aid programs, but makes too little to be able to pay for basic necessities, let alone a tuition for something I managed to get accepted into, I sought out a crowd funding page (

Mock LB Winners

Neil, MB, Jsilver, Karolina, Durim, Alison and Trygve.