Mock Leadership Board Candidates

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Mohammed Kambal

Hi! My name is Mohammed Kambal, an internet activist and a lobbyist, with deep interest in the decentralized platforms and new organizations structures. i also worked in similar projects like wikipedia and open street map. a side from this, i'm interested in Internet, culture and globalization i founded a research project to better understand this area.

Michael Bernstein

I'm a Stanford assistant professor of computer science: I teach and do research on crowdsourcing, social computing, and human-computer interaction. I previously helped create Dynamo, a project to give crowd workers more voice. I've also been an active requester since 2009.


I'm joining this project as an online freelancer with two main goals: I want exploitation and overexploitation of my fellow online workers to stop (and have all workers get better or fair pay), and I'd help create a platform that serves my first goal. If given a chance to serve in the Leadership Board, I would help promote synergy in terms of actions and decisions. As a forever Boy Scout, I love helping other people at all times, and for this project, I would like to help create a fair and far-improved platform for workers and clients alike.


I am Saiph, a researcher, activist, and technologist. In these three roles I have focused on empowering minorities to create technology and help society to flourish. As part of the board, I will spend my day fighting for your rights, and ensuring we produce excellent research and technology to support crowd work. Please vote for me. Vote for the change you want to see in crowd work!
[Image Caption: Possible photo of myself fighting for your rights!]