Nishakk Usability Evaluation

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I conducted the usability test on a couple of people for creating a micro task (Collage making) and these are the summarised findings from those evaluations.

User Details

1. Female, computer science student, age-21, familiar with the concept of crowdsourcing but has never used any crowdsourcing platform.

2. Female, electronics student, age-22, has worked on as a worker for tasks involving creative writing.

3. Male, mechanical student, age-22, no familiarity with crowdsourcing platform.

Time Taken to create the task

User 1: 5 minutes

User 2: 6 minutes

User 3: 6 minutes


Create Project Page 1: Options are relavant and easy to categorise the task to any of the given options.

Create Project Page 2: Relevant and easy to understand questions.

Create Project Page 3: Milestone creation description is a bit long. For a new user it is slightly intimidating. So need to shorten the description there. Also in the same page, it asks for the amount of time the worker should spend to finish the task. It's a little confusing whether to enter the time required to finish the milestone mentioned above or for finishing the entire task (I think this confusion will arise for the macro tasks where there is a lot of difference between the time required to finish the milestone only when compared to finishing the entire task)

Create Project Page 4: Design the task - The purpose of this page is not understood by some people. Probably the page should have one line description or an example for the purpose of the page. This will help the requestors to understand what kind of tasks need this and how this is going to be useful for the workers. Otherwise the requestor will just skip this page without understanding its purpose. This is the page where all the users spent most of the time to figure out the use for designing the sample task and whether its required for the task they are creating.

Create Project Page 5: Payment - Need to show the dollar sign in front of the textbox for both the pay per task and service fee. Sometimes people assume the currency is rupees or dollars, and sometimes they themselves put the dollar sign in the textbox which gives $error. These are probably very small issues but when it comes to payment, people would like to be very sure of the details they are entering.