OGov Milestone 13

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Goals this Week

  1. Run pilots
  2. Fix Design comments from Milestone 12 Hangout
  3. Help out with #TaskFeed
  4. Refine our experimental design goals and implementation approach so that by the end of the week we can specify the implementation reasonably well for a handoff to engineering

See the Milestone 12 OGov Presentation here.


  1. Dialogue Pilot: Testing the phrasing on our main pages with MTurkers
  2. Review Pilot: Testing review consistency and accuracy with tasks of known quality, using MTurkers of known experience
  3. Levels Pilot: Testing short term performance effects of introducing leveling by using a Wizard of Oz setup and targeting the same MTurkers each day for several days

Leveling Write Up

Pilotes are being set up on google drive The Levels Pilot may extend for longer for better quality data.

Design Refinement

See the Milestone 12 Wiki for more on current context for this and links.

In the Milestone 12 Hangout the notion of improving text to make sure it focuses on features that guilds provide was brought up. That will be the initial goal for design. Additionally design will be needed for running pilots.

Literature Collection

As always, we are collecting literature to be used late and storing it in the OGov Literature Review Document.

Experimental Design and Implementation

We will focus more on this later in the week.

See Notes on Experimental Design to get a sense of this.

Keep in mind, we are anticipating a call for papers with a deadline around the last week of May. We want a Beta paper 1 month before that, so the last week of April, so our Beta paper is going to focus on a narrative based on pilot results and ongoing study results. We will continue the study and get full results sometime before the deadline.